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CPAP Users Find Success with XyliMelts

I read about your product on a webpage discussing dry mouth problems using a CPAP machine. I started using a machine in February and XyliMelts has been no less than a miracle. The problem was the dry mouth. I had a machine with a heated humidifier. I tried the chin strap and taping my mouth with masking tape. Lord knows how many glasses of water I turned over trying to reach for them when I was half asleep. Then I read about Xylimelts. I want to thank you for this wonderful product. It has made all the difference in the world. I can now sleep ALL night without waking up due to dry mouth.

Thanks!!!! This is one GREAT product!

-Susan P

Sjogrens patient says, “XyliMelts is best product I have used.”

Just wanted to give you a big “Thanks” for your XyliMelts. I have Sjogrens Syndrome and am constantly battling dry mouth symptoms. XyliMelts have proven to be the best product that I have used thus far. I have tried prescription tablets, chewing gum, candies, etc. and have found each and every one problematic. XyliMelts are easy to use, effective, disrceet and not discernible to anyone but the person using it. You have an amazing product and I appreciate the fact that you have made it available to so many people afflicted with dry mouth, canker sores, etc.

Yours truly,
Julia S

Recovering Cancer Patient Finds Relief from Dry Mouth

Radiation treatment six years ago, gave me serious dry mouth. Ever since, I have been searching for a remedy. XyliMelts is the best product I have tried. I use it day and night.

-Robert W, Sylmar, CA

Great Product for Dry Mouth

This product works very well. XyliMelts are easy for me to place on the roof of my mouth,and they actually stay. They really help me. I've suffered from dry mouth for over 20 years and XyliMelts and the XyliMelt mints are the most effective products I've ever used for dry mouth. With this product, my mouth feels a lot more comfortable. I don't have the cotton mouth feeling when I wake up in the morning. I can speak to others with more confidence because my mouth feels better.



I've been able to sleep a full night since using XyliMelts for dry mouth. I tried every kind of spray etc. but they only worked for a short time. Worth 5 stars.


#1 Xerostomia Aid

I'm a dental hygienist and sampled this product myself. Not only does it taste better than other saliva stimulating dics but I have seen better results with this product! Including my own mother. This was the only thing that resolved the cracks/dryness at the corners of the mouth after sleeping!


A life-changing, voice-saving, talk-enabling, mouth-sweetening, lasting, GODSEND

I thought there was NO solution. I have had an exceedingly bad problem with dry mouth for years, after having come out of cancer treatment twice and having been given a regimen of drugs that would make a desert of a lake. As well, the dry mouth is so bad that I often have difficulty simply *speaking,* and end up sounding like a drunk as I try to be articulate and stumble through teeth-sticking, tongue gymnastics. I have tried all the toothpastes, gum, mouthwashes, sprays, and other melts and lozenges, but NOTHING did the trick - as soon as the lozenges melted, that was the end of relief. This was an extremely frustrating state to live with. A 50 year old never having had a cavity, I was BUMMED when I got three of them as a result of this cruel dry-mouth punishment! Xylimelts are the answer to my prayers. They do everything that the information states. I would say that you have to get used to sticking it to the teeth/gums; I put it on the upper back gum/molar. It seems to need a full 20 seconds of holding the mint there for it to stick well. It feels a bit rough there until it smooths out with some melting. After that it's fine, as long as you don't fool with it with your tongue. The melt lasts an hour, two if you are very calm (asleep or not talking/moving the mouth). It continually emits a really pleasant mint taste into the mouth, and makes it fresh and very pleasant. When I sleep with these, although they are gone when I wake, my mouth is relieved, moist and fresh. It stimulates a wetter, nicer mouth. This is the ultimate, GREAT breath mint, also. Had I known about these when I was dating, I would have been thrilled...to know that for hours, my mouth would have been mint-fresh...ahhh! Can't say enough about these little things that have been a life-changer for me.


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